The EAS Technology

Depending on what needs to be cleaned out and the level of sophistication, air cleaners can use a range of different technologies. The core of all EAS equipment is the bi polar ionization process, cleaning the air using the same natural process as found in nature after an electric storm.

  1. 1)A simple air purification system will filter out the medium and large particles using a basic filter or an electronical filter.

  2. 2)An improvement on the above system is to add the HEPA filter which will filter out 99.97% of all particles, from the air that passes through the filter.

  3. 3)To remove toxic gases, bacteria, viruses and mould from the air some air cleaners add an active coal filter which absorbs these particles. The filter will however not remove the source, and live material (bacteria, viruses and mould) can keep on living in the filter.

  4. 4)Bi-polar ionization spreads charged air into the room to target the contamination source (bacteria, viruses and mould) and will also eliminate the contamination in the air in the room, that has not yet passed through the air cleaner. Bi-polar ionisation is charging the small particles and they are drawn together and fall quickly to the floor by the higher weight. This is especially effective on decreasing PM2,5 particles in the air.

EAS Cleaning Technology builds primarily on the advanced bi-polar ionization technology, and premium-end systems will also include the corse, HEPA and active coal filter, effectively removing any impurities in the air.