Health impact

It’s not difficult to understand why fresh air is good for us. It is however difficult to understand why we don’t take responsibility for the air we breath and accept it to be filled with microbes, germs and poisons.

PM2,5 is a topic that is today discussed among many living and working in the big cities in the world, one city where the discussion are strong today are Beijing. Please click below if you are interested to follow the PM2,5 hour by hour for your guidance. click here

The chinese State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) draft law and regulation on the administration of medical devices and supervise their enforcement. In 2005 they undertook an extensive laboratory testing our products as well as our management quality system and EAS is today proud to be one of a select few companies worldwide that have been awarded the SFDA Approval/Certificate.

This certificate is evidence of the quality of EAS equipment and gives EAS the right to sell our equipment to all Chinese Hospitals.

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