About us

Environmental Air of Sweden, EAS, founded in 1982, is today a leading developer of Highly Efficient Air Cleaning systems, designed and produced in Sweden. Specializing in high efficiency filters and bipolar Ionisation technology, our systems eliminate all kinds of particles (emission of solutions & dust, hair and scurf etc.), cigarette smoke, bacteria, organic gas (formaldehyde, benzene etc.) and reduces/eliminates bad smell.

Ever since the start over 30 years ago our products have served our customers rangeing from restaurants, bar and entertainment centre; schools, offices and manufactories; and recently also a growing number of hospitals and hospitals operation rooms.

In both Sweden and in China, EAS is proud to assist many of the regions most advanced organizations and companies with advanced and environmental clean air solutions since the entry in Sweden 1982 and in China 2002.

Breathing clean and fresh air is now possible for everyone!